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Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act of 2015 (Georgia HB 57)

What this bill does:
  • Allows Georgia electricity customers to install on their property solar technologies of their choice, using a financing mechanism of their choice, including financing mechanisms such as leases and solar energy procurement agreements, in which payments are based on the output of the system.


  • Sets size limits for solar systems using such financing mechanisms at 10kW or less for residential projects, and no larger than 125% of the actual or expected peak demand of the premises for commercial projects. Solar power installed to serve a premises must be used onsite or fed back to the utility.


  • Requires customers installing solar via such financing mechanisms to notify their electric utility 30 days prior to operation of the solar system.


  • Clarifies that providing solar financing services does not make an entity an electric service provider.


  • Prevents utility interference in the installation of solar projects on customers’ property, except as necessary to comply with existing interconnection provisions in the Cogeneration and Distributed Generation Act, and any additional interconnection requirement for larger projects as necessary to protect public safety, power quality, and system reliability.


  • Allows utility companies and their affiliates to finance onsite solar projects for customers within their respective territories and subject to the rules of the Territorial Act and restrictions on discriminatory rules and ratemaking.


What this bill does not do:
  • Except as provided in the Bill, the Territorial Act is not modified.


  • Nothing in the bill changes real estate law related to covenants, contracts, and ordinances.


  • Nothing in the bill limits the regulatory authority of local governments.